Your journey begins

Embarking on the journey to Bhutan is an incredible adventure that should be cherished at every step, from the initial planning stages to the actual travel experience. Get ready to savor the excitement of planning and exploring this captivating destination.

Visa: Prioritizing the essentials

Obtaining a visa for your trip to Bhutan is a hassle-free process that can be completed swiftly. In just a few minutes, you'll have everything sorted, allowing you to seamlessly enter the captivating Kingdom. Get ready for a smooth visa experience and an unforgettable journey ahead.

Travel in the Country:Discovering Bhutan

To explore Bhutan conveniently, the most recommended option is to hire a vehicle along with a skilled driver from a reliable car rental company or a trusted tourism service provider. Please note that self-drive vehicles are not available for hire in Bhutan. Alternatively, you can use the Druk Ride app to book local drivers, transport services, hotels, and tour operators. Your hotel might also assist you in arranging transportation. Bhutan has four airports strategically located in the western, central, southern, and eastern regions. While airlines strive to deliver excellent service, the unique landscape of Bhutan can sometimes lead to unpredictable departure dates. Yonphula airport, situated in the eastern part of Bhutan, is particularly prone to weather-related disruptions during the summer months due to its altitude and micro-climate. Consequently, flights may experience occasional delays or cancellations. Other domestic airports are located in Bumthang and Gelephu, while the international airport is in Paro. Before planning domestic flights or any other travel within the country, we strongly advise reaching out to our hosts or a local tour operator for guidance. For domestic flights, the check-in baggage allowance is 30kg for business class and 20kg for economy class. International travelers are reminded to carry their passports at all times, ensuring a minimum validity of six months. Experience the wonders of Bhutan with reliable transportation and keep these travel tips in mind for a smooth journey.

Travel Etiquette: Respectful Journeying

As you embark on your travels in Bhutan, a small country with a rich cultural heritage and profound beliefs, it is important to be mindful of our local customs. Our warm-hearted and hospitable people are known for rarely refusing guest requests. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with our customs will enable you to tread lightly on our sacred sites and embrace the essence of our kingdom when we extend our warm welcome to you. Let us embark on a journey of mutual respect and cultural appreciation.

Respecting Bhutan's Sacred Heritage Bhutan, being the last Vajrayana Buddhist country in the world, is home to numerous revered religious sites, ranging from roadside stupas to temples, monasteries, and nunneries. To honor our people's faith, it is important to maintain a respectful silence when visiting any sacred site. If you wish to capture photographs of individuals engaged in prayer or participating in our holy festivals, please do so mindfully. Avoid standing between religious observers and altars, ensuring that you do not obstruct our people's right to peacefully practice their faith. As a gesture of respect, kindly remove caps and hats when visiting sacred sites or when in the presence of elders. If seated on the floor with a monk, nun, elder, or host, it is advisable to sit cross-legged. When entering a temple, remember to dress modestly with long sleeves and covered legs. Take off your shoes upon entering and refrain from taking photographs inside sacred sites. Additionally, please refrain from sitting on lamas' sacred thrones or touching any religious items or paintings. Let us embrace the sanctity of Bhutan's heritage by observing these guidelines and honoring the traditions of our people.

Transport: Exploring the wonders

When it comes to traveling in Bhutan, get ready for exhilarating drives and breathtaking hikes amidst its captivating topography. You'll have a plethora of transport options to choose from, ranging from mountain bikes, motorbikes, and even yaks, to domestic buses, flights, SUVs with private drivers, and even helicopter services. Unleash your adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the diverse ways to explore this enchanting destination.


Bhutan has two national airlines: Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. Direct flights to and from our international airport in Paro connect you to Bangladesh (Dhaka), India (Bagdora, Gauhati, Kolkata and New Delhi), Nepal (Kathmandu), Singapore, and Thailand (Bangkok).


There are four official entry points by road from India: Samtse and Phuentsholing (in western Bhutan), Gelephu (in central Bhutan), and Samdrup Jongkhar (in eastern Bhutan).

Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Limited (RBHSL)

Unforgettable Aerial Adventures For an extraordinary experience, the Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Limited (RBHSL) offers private hire services. Initially established for emergency medical evacuations, RBHSL now provides heli-hiking and other guest services, allowing you to embark on otherwise time-consuming journeys with ease and enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of our magnificent kingdom. Please note that helicopter flights operate only in clear and calm weather conditions, ensuring safety and comfort. To learn more about accredited transport services and tour operators, we encourage you to consult our knowledgeable hosts before your trip to Bhutan. Discover the best ways to enhance your travel experience and create unforgettable memories.

Preserving Bhutan's Natural Splendor

Bhutan boasts one of the world's most diverse ecosystems, offering an abundance of natural wonders. While you immerse yourself in this beauty, it is essential to leave the wilderness untouched and in its pristine state. Please note that hunting and fishing are generally prohibited in Bhutan. If you have an interest in these activities, we recommend contacting our hosts or a local tour operator for further guidance. When venturing into the wilderness, it is crucial to have an accredited guide by your side. Although rare, encounters with wild predators can still occur, even on short hikes near our cities. Respecting privacy is important to us. Kindly seek permission before taking someone's photograph, being considerate of our citizens' personal space. In Bhutan, it is common for people to reside in ancestral homes within close-knit communities. As a sign of respect, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering houses. One thing you will notice about the Bhutanese is our ever-present smiles. Don't forget to smile back! "Kuzu zangpo la" is a warm greeting that can be used throughout the day, and "Kadrin chey la" expresses gratitude as "thank you." Let us uphold these values as we explore Bhutan's wonders and maintain the harmony between nature, culture, and our vibrant communities.

Make Your Visit Unforgettable.

Experience the charm of Bhutan and make your visit truly unforgettable with our meticulously curated tours. Immerse yourself in the cultural wonders, embark on thrilling adventures, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.