Bhutan offers a haven in a fast-paced world, where one can find solace amidst the chaos. This enchanting land beckons with its traditional pastimes like archery and age-old crafts, tantalizes taste buds with homemade cheese and fiery hot peppers, and invites exploration through breathtaking treks and rejuvenating hot-stone baths.

However, Bhutan has another side—one that is hinted at by the colorful prayer flags adorning gorges and hillsides. It’s a place where irreverent humor coexists with deeply held beliefs, where grand landscapes and unhurried journeys create space for tranquil amazement. Here, you can nurture your well-being, immerse yourself in wonder, and embark on thrilling adventures.

With over 70% forest cover and the distinction of being the world’s first carbon-negative country, Bhutan also fosters the growth of scientific and technological innovation.

Bhutan isn’t just a singular experience; it is a tapestry of diverse wonders. From storied cities to majestic mountains, the doors of this kingdom are once again open to both old and new friends.


An anatomy of the NEW NATIONAL BRAND

After a hiatus of over two years, Bhutan reopened its borders on September 23, 2022, extending a warm welcome to visitors and reigniting the kingdom's tourism. Simultaneously, the nation unveiled a fresh national identity that signifies growth, positivity, and serves as a source of inspiration and pride for both locals and tourists, stimulating their imaginations.
To mark the reopening of the kingdom and to look to the future, Bhutan created a whole new identity for the country to inspire a new vision of the future to its citizens. The result reflects Bhutan’s character and landscapes, history and ambitions: bold, vivid, richly storied and utterly distinctive – rebranding it for a new future, both for its people and its guests who are seeking a different travel experience. Few foreigners have experienced Bhutan's extraordinary nature and culture for themselves. This small nation of only 800,000 people has long practised a policy of ‘high value, low volume’ tourism to protect and preserve its peace, its sacred places and its wildernesses. Like many countries, Bhutan closed its borders in March 2020 in response to Covid. During this extended period of closure, the nation reconsidered its relationship with tourism, and developed new policies and plans for the country’s advancement – in particular, for how it can invest in creating sustainable opportunities for its young people. As it reopens to embrace visitors once more, one of the notable changes is the increase in the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), a daily contribution made by visitors towards Bhutan’s development. The funds raised by the SDF will play an invaluable role in supporting a range of social, environmental and cultural initiatives, as well as Bhutan’s wider aspirations.

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